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About us

Our team experiences in corporate systems design started at the beginning of 2000.

In 2005 IT Group Co. ltd was established. At the same time the first contract for design and implementation was signed.

From the very beginning of our activity our top-priority objective was building of our own school, a team of programmers, system analysts, and consultants, using our accumulated experience of implementation of corporate systems.
This experience is much wider of traditional approaches currently used on the market of system integration.

Due to such experience we are very confident of developing system of any complexity and variability.

Therefore our systems are working worldwide - from Vladivostok to London, from Murmansk to Shanghai (please, have a look at the projects location page).

We design and implement corporate systems in accordance with personal requirements of our Customers and their working processes.

Our product is systems based on Customers logic and terminology and developed strictly in accordance with his requirements.

We work as a good tailor we take Customers measurements and then design and sew clothes suitable for his style and taste.

Such an approach provides considerable advantages for our Customers during the implementation and operation of a corporate system.
Moreover, the price/quality + functionality ratio of such solution is much better than standard systems have.

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